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We specialise in providing luxury bareboat yacht charter and crewed yacht holidays, many from small, family-run companies that provide just that little bit extra in terms of service, quality and luxury, - where you can charter “a boat that really feels like your own”.

As one of the largest tourist destinations for Europe Greece does have a lot more to offer than beaches, night life and sun. With the help of our site we will hopefully help you find attractions, resorts and hotels which will best suit you and make your stay in Greece a even better one. 

What can Travelling in Greece offer you?

Weather in Greece - The weather in Greece is normally warm, blue skys and sunny, but the weather can vary when it comes to winter, why not check the weather in Greece and the forecast for this week.

Greece Information - Information on the population of Greece, climate and the different Islands Greece controls. We will hopefully explain to you why Greece is the most popular tourist destination in Europe.

Greek Cities - Greece has many different cities for you to choose from for a visit, why not read about each other them here?

Resorts in Greece - Planning on stopping at one of the popular tourist destinations in Greece, why not read about them before you decide?

Nota Bene is a luxury travel consultant built on experience, discernment and a passion to discover the finest in travel and lifestyle. Our members know that excellence is in the details.

Welcome to Luxury Yacht Charters and the opportunity to discover some of the best sailing areas and boats in the Mediterranean. Planning your trip is a key and hopefully enjoyable part of your holiday.

We have put together specialist yacht charter information here which we hope will help you plan your trip and answer any questions you may have. We have first-hand knowledge of many of the boats, the people and the sailing areas so don’t hesitate to ask our advice to create your dream sailing holiday. If we don’t know directly we will find out for you quickly and accurately.

Even in the best run organisations, despite great intentions, things can go wrong. We pride ourselves on putting it right for you as quickly and effectively as is possible. We offer the personal service, and always focus on putting people first.


At Luxury Yacht Charters we believe that every holiday is planned for individuals with individual tastes. So if you cannot easily find the answers you want please send us an email. I

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